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Cycom Cyber Networking FZ-LLC is a provider of end-to-end solutions and services in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) with a special focus on Asset management and IoT.

Based in Dubai Free Zone, Cycom’s strength point is its ability to draw andmanage the intersection between business and technology and to use this knowledge to provide consultations and solutions for businesses across all industries to address their IT challenges and optimize their ROI.

We deliver comprehensive and innovative focused ICT and IOT solutions and services that improve customers’ IT infrastructure.

Moreover, Cycom has made strategic alliances and gathered a full range of skill and expertise employing a team of business advisors and technical experts who possess the know-how, the tools and the needed skills to support businesses in implementing complex ICT & IOT solutions and investments.






We are devoted to providing and implementing intelligent and innovative IT & IoT solutions to corporations helping them turn their vision into smart realities. We wish to be the main reference for our clients in implementing IT, mainly IoT solutions. In close collaboration with our clients, we work to setup and translate their vision and business plans into workable customized solutions that address their needs and improve their practices.


Help customers understand their business


Expand it through employing smarter technologies


Enabling the use of embedded AI on IoT platforms


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The Internet of Things opens up an entire category of opportunity. You may use IoT devices to capture raw data from your daily business operations that would normally go unseen, and turn this big data into actionable analytics and insights. You may also use IoT to create the next smart tool so people can live healthier and stronger.

IoT technology increases your company’s understanding of its operations and customer habits. Using this information, you’ll be able to scale efficiently and effectively. As we are heading towards smarter societies and businesses, the IoT is undoubtedly a valuable sector for your company to be involved with.

At Cycom, we’ll help you identify opportunities to implement IoT, develop the necessary software and hardware, and deploy the technology into your business organization. Cycom has partnered with one of the leading IT Vendors in Europe to offer you a full solution developed to smartly monitor, steer and control any energy consuming appliance, sensor or process, as well as their combinations.

Our offered solution allows to aggregate various unrelated and complex functions, sensors, processes and equipment into a single, function-centric, and technology agnostic system. Its primary function is to permanently monitor and gather data (energy consumption, quality parameters, measured values, etc.) and to use this data for an autonomous automated steering of the whole controlled system. Our offered solution aims to provide absolute optimization and permanent control of energy usage and/or any other controlled function, resulting in a reduction in total operating costs and permanent control and safety.

Cycom’s offered IoT solution can be easily implemented across a variety of sectors including healthcare, Telecom, Public administration, Retail and manufacturing, airports, to name a few. Thanks to IoT, managing facilities is more efficient with uninterrupted access to equipment and data. Our solution can be adapted to every facility, no matter what specialization or size. They can also be integrated with existing technologies and software, connected and modified.

Cycom brings you an innovative Enterprise Asset Management platform in partnership with the largest and most successful IT vendors in Europe.

Our offered solution is based on an Asset centric approach and provides tools to document and manage asset lifecycle processes.

The solution is a highly successful platform that helps any businesses increase effectiveness, lower costs, predict risks, and sustain future business as customers will be equipped with the most important information for making the right decision.

It can be easily integrated with the customer’s existing systems so the user would operate one, synergistic whole with first-rate modules.

We take pride in possessing the advanced expertise and skill level to successfully implement our offered asset management system into any business and in supporting the customer’s teams in operating it and using it for informed decision making.

The below verticals can highly benefit from our offered Asset Management Solution:

  • Energy and utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Industry
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Municipalities
  • Public sector
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Facility managers
  • Insurance companies
  • Healthcare sector
  • Financial sector

Today’s businesses rely heavily on technology and IT equipment. Large-scale businesses require sophisticated IT infrastructure to ensure the smooth running of their day-to-day operations.

In an era of 24/7 connectivity, businesses need to be accessible to customers at all times and for that, you need the right equipment.

Cycom provides cost effective and state-of-the-art technology solutions catering to various industry segments. We assist in all areas of ICT structures and facilities in operational systems that are integral to an effective service delivery.

We have partnered with internationally prominent companies and leverage on our extensive knowledge to deliver high quality services related to ICT infrastructure so your ICT environment is a guarantee of continuity and system availability requirements.

Cycom is proud to be a DellEMC partner; our team has expertise in implementing and deploying their systems and are familiar with DellEMC latest developments.


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