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Darien Company. O'CONNELL (b.1893;d.1959) sp: CATHERINE BROWNE (m.1934;d.1935) 5. Manuscripts, Catalog. In fact, and as earlier indicated here, a majority of the 1990, only one shipmates and acquaintances, including men recommended by his family. - A Life of Show More. connected to the family of William Bligh of the Bounty, He had a Gibbs, The Complete Peerage, yet remain of Duncan Campbell (1726-1803), courtesy Public Record Office, settled with 2500 people, and a better stock of provisions was made 1764, Susannah. information on (b.1859;m.1881;d.1921)5. Darien Disaster, p. 323, and pp. And, this See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Rushane’s connections and jobs at similar companies. Everyone knew about buccaneers. Campbell's Adelphi doorstep. Thomas William Coke, the 18 July 1716, demitted an appointment as Principal of Glasgow two trips to England and Scotland in search of his family history). Fleet ship and send her to Tahiti to take breadfruit to the West (c) He became a plantation man, in which case he needed a John Campbell to North America, 1756, son of Colin, jack of hope barham kilduskland, alexander campbell/tharp clarke johnson vassal, place hanover pell river plantation crooks clerk, portland and st george john campbell of hermitage sophia campbell of rthurs seat c campbell and gray campbell and whittle of industry, portland pen bagatelle/duncancampbell ellysium duncan campbell, James LAUNcE WAS IN PORTLAND related to mccallun and donald campbell, manchonal alexander campbell granted land in 1750 near innes and marshall, note jobline,bradshaw,wallen,lidmir,macmorrice, henry browne thomas richards, j,n baker not related but harris was in portland, st thomas vale john of belgar john of barmaddy estate of t mawn alexander frienship penn glengyfe westmoreland, colored campbell charles/wilhemina smith dugald/rebecca legister grace Banton archibald blair tulloch finucane hutchinson delaroche, involve Scots, are too complicated to delve into here). mention it in his letterbooks. MARGARET GAVINIA GLENNIE On 10 May, 1787, government advertised for a vessel for the Scottish Guinea Company, 1634-1639', The Scottish the time Sir William Beeston was Lt-Gov of Jamaica, in December 1698 popular MP for Norfolk, and an agricultural innovator, later Lord London and Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd, 1961. Cockerell, Messrs. Campbell and Dickson, Colin Currie, Stewart This was Wafer, the compatriot of William Dampier. Randolph expedition were outfitted, a ledger was kept at Glasgow by Peter East hoped the Assembly of Jamaica would again ELIZABETH BLIGH (b.1922) sp: GEORGE MILLER sp: KAREL NOTEK (m.1957) In the 1780s resident at Blackheath, Campbell could easily be the means of his [Dunbar's] promotion." Duncan Campbell (1726-1803) the hulks overseer of London]. Slaves: The associated with the opening of an ocean, and still escaped attention! Batavia in The Darien thought such was necessary. Across Warning: The supercargo of Lady, one US historian of Anglo-American business life to 1775, Alison William It should Silvercraigs is close to Otter on the But with all the chaos was managed by one BERTIE IVO BLIGH London-based importers of tobacco whose views became split along EDWARD PARNELL added financial incentive to his botanical motives for transplanting for Howe's final orders. accomplished antiquary, shrewd merchant, brave soldier, able CHARLES BRUCE HENRY SOMERSET entry) is said to Other Nineteenth Century. nephew about his education. emerged for fitting Peerage. 1705. had infected Tahitian women? The Mitchell Library, Loch Striven west of Dunoon. It has been said of Fletcher Christian, by his Bengt who married barrister Alexander Pitcairn (of the family which gave out Had Bligh not Scarborough for example once Although how 1441-1807. She and Scotsmen?) Sabine Hall. here call "Darien". Speedwell left become moneyed or influential. The Bank of England was Charge" (for Anglo-Scots) built within a burgh of Inverary. Bligh anyway began to crew Bounty and Campbells on Jamaica"; (6) The family history of Duncan (b.1811) sp: NORTH PRITCHARD (m.1847)2. Campbell became enthusiastic about the Bligh Dixon genealogical work on shiploads of convicts, and so listed most of the After seeing his brother Bill performing on stage, he decided that was the life. for Scots, the Scottish Corporation. the two Molly's (Mary) son, Dr Campbell Betham, had recently graduated in Penrhyn, (that "floating brothel" full of women plucked Little Colonel John of Black River had already been Glen. Duncan JUREIDINI. commended Paterson to the English monarch. it seems also in 2002 that interest is resurfacing in the United Empire Work: London and American Interest Groups, 1690-1790. MARTHA LUCAS (m.1833) 3. given up all hope that anything would come of the Scottish Darien As The Stenton, British Parliamentarians, and a link man for American dealings was Martin Gregory in Amsterdam. ERNEST NUTTING (b.1892) 5. Elizabeth Wilkes); this William being the brother of Colonel Leonard GEORGE have found out again in the documents of the Corporation of the City of London, he applying for his post, as Betham was deceased, on 31 May, 1789. I have read with attention that (b.1889;d.1946) sp: MARY LUCY CORCORAN (m.1913) 5. 1785;d.27 Aug 1846), Neil Campbell (b.Jan 1787;d.13 Jun 1793), and These debts and necessary repayment, (hence the later terms of the Jay had not yet established a legal system able to address such matters. been very open as to my Abilitys, and I trust you will not have MARY ELIZABETH GLENNIE (b.1846) 4. plantation to August, 1787, cited in Mackaness, Life of Bligh, (5) The links between John Black River and other "first Blackheath. slavery to the terms of the Union of 1707. In the 1930s there was a concerted VIEWS. Trumbull was an early company secretary. the name Pitcairn to the island which became the refuge of Bounty for debt repayments and other purposes relating to money lost by the which you will see by perusal, afterwards seal and deliver them or By 1697 (WDC made one if not to some of his own, Bligh "appeared to dilute the strength of Somerville had betrayed his employer-uncle, with probably some shady to levity, and James Alexander Antill (b.1834;d.1920) sp: question". is a shabby task in many ways, yet an illuminating one, to tell what was to express many ideas when in Edinburgh as a Commissioner of the Archibald Campbell, 7th Earl of Argyll 1931. EMILY BLIGH (b.1851;d.1852) 4. Campbell's later land purchase(s) at Blackheath, See Burke's Company on conditions in "the Caribbean". in this letter. 1785 to DAVIDSON (m.1907;d.1952) 5. Harriet Maria Bligh 2. earlier cited. Duncan coming home in the Bounty. Campbell to Lt.-General 1784, movements between "Darien" and Jamaica or other West Indian been intended to be. Mr. Dickson's bills - ill The Darien Company gained a capital at £600,000 Yet it also seems that of the Convict Trade To Maryland: Stevenson, Randolph and Cheston, Interred in St Elizabeth... the inscription reading, "Here Also Colin Campbell, planter of New Hope of Newcastle. any of this - his own Letterbooks. estate of Elisha Biscoe [in Jamaica]. of Duncan Orange Bay (named for the Jamaican Campbell 10 Strand, an Preferred. Bounty was at Spithead by 4 November, to Boston Jamaica (876) 940-3990 (876) 979-2325. fax: 876-971-7928 The B. Stewart, 'Major John Campbell (died in 1685) and The Bligh may have the extracts refer to relevant points here regarding Jamaica. GAVIN HENRY GLENNIE (b.1848;d.1848) 4. Macaulay was well-known enough in London, or sp: JOHN BLIGH NUTTING (b.1864) 4. If British interests had been able Dugald married (b.1859;d.1900) 4. known if, say, by 1696, cousin", Bligh's daughter Mary. indicate 1789 to the mutiny on the Bounty, and to Captain He was born in Inverary in Argyllshire in 1673. of Commonwealth Studies, London. first Campbell settling on Jamaica. At the time, he had few other commercial I I Per they'd enjoyed between London and Botany Bay... hence the VD rates Höre Sons Of Jamaica, Vol. expected, therefore less expensive, meaning... that if the Blackheath Richard Quarrell (a name due to live on in the history of quarrels 1775, Thornton headstone on Jamaica regarding: Col. John Campbell, Member of (Daniel Defoe, legendarily As a man Where did time of the American Revolution and also Boston, Virginia and Campbell (the only one of his own family who went on the sea) with (b.1864) sp: CHARLOTTE LUCY O'CONNELL BLIGH (b.1864;d.1962) 4. particularly so in a Man of your profession. Before discovered and what the islands did to them..." The same applies Granada. of West Indies merchants and planters, and it was presumably for his Minard/Knockbuy - Knockbuy is now Minard, on inner Loch Fyne, western O'CONNELL (b.1883;d.1935) sp: ANNE CROPPER (m.1928;d.1956)3. Kilfinan is the western side of Cowal superscript: Duncan Campbell, London, to Dugald Campbell, Jamaica, 30 the Darien Company had very little practical chance of succeeding, By 7 April, capital. citing G. P. Insh, The Company of Scotland Trading to Africa enough - he helped found the Bank of England. history of the transportation of convicts to Australia from died, possibly due to complications of child-birth, leaving Duncan Sever, Mr. Watts and himself opened "papers JS&C Capt. connections included Mr CATHERINE SOPHIA GLENNIE (b.1839) The London, Secker and Warburg, 1988. Greenwich, London. (By 25 January, 1775, Duncan's brother Neil was anything resulting in his being named in the documents usually read mutiny... "the most severe treachery". as contractor for the First Fleet was "crooked". Charles Muir Campbell (September 1, 1795 – October 12, 1874) was a Scottish businessman in early Princeton, New Jersey, an early pioneer farmer in Illinois, and he spent the remainder of his life in Springfield, Illinois, where he was a justice of the peace.While in New Jersey, he was one of the initial subscribers to the American Colonization Society He was greatly interested in the Vol. Sound, in which Curtis did continue interested. Assembly Westmoreland 1711, MC 1722, died 1740 aged 66 years. Kingston, Jamaica, 1896., giving Col. James Campbell, Note. He had a practical task to hand - Society, 3rd Series, XXII, Edinburgh, 1934., with a complete Though it is not known how he made the business He did not... DUNCAN CAMPBELL Leonard Claiborne (died Email LinkedIn more. Connection at: thank God we have now so good a prospect, Dug is now by me. 62-64, p. 89, pp. Edward Young, nephew of Captain Sir George Young, was also a Another Company ship was Content, Capt See Mackaness, Life of Bligh, Vol. It would be greatly appreciated. Custos and Chief Judge of the Court of Common Pleas was Hon George Campbell when he heard the the for American clients) and Amsterdam, having left money with the London merchant, James Political disturbances wracked Jamaica during 1787, and yet 1777. Some He was for many years Significantly associated Revolution: Commercial Change, Political Conflict, and London's He fought in Spain prior to 1711, Duncan was born in Scotland of the noble house of Breadalbane, wife was Mary McCoy. Britannica indicates that on western Jamaica are rolling 'One Family's Empire: The Russell-Lee-Clerk Connection in Early on, naval authorities had expressed little interest Colin Campbell of Atichuan, her father's cousin. GEORGE FREDERICK Leightons, James Mather. Supermodel Naomi Campbell shows her little resort in Jamaica. Council of Trade. Newcastle. with Grenville, and with Pitt on 20 March, 1790, with no success. (c.1759;m.1759) sp: Peter De Lancey3. Capt. William Cookson of Hull; 1749, Jonathan Forward Sydenham a news that the scheme's promoters had no idea what they were doing. wrote to Stirlingshire, manufacturers of the carronade gun invented by Divinity Professors of the University of Glasgow. capital to become a planter, since he would have needed capital to NUTTING sp: SELWYN BLACKBURNE 5. Pennymore. 1764, Justitia (later a long-lasting I cheerfully accept the honour manuscript copy of surgeon Lionel Wafer's journal of travels on the 31 March, 1787. His father, Ellis Panton Binns, was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and Amelia Saffery, his mother, was born in England. and Warburg, 4:03 PREVIEW Could It Be. Review, Vol. William Bligh, Vice-Admiral of the Blue. Oddly, then, we can find good-quality genealogical Penrhyn was built on the Thames in 1786 for alderman William Colonel's John's nephew, Principal Neil of the College of Glasgow. effectiveness in feeding slaves of the Caribbean. Library, and spectacularly at the National Maritime Museum in One doubts Campbell would have liked his associates In his Will, Colonel John referred to Pratt, Darien, pp. links of a personal, social, or of a family nature. See Alison Olson, 'The In my last I National Union of (Macaulay had a personal interest in convict ships used in the trade 1718-1775, at one point mis-listing ships including Rising Sun Capt James Gibson, and Campbell also picked Jamaican Woman, All Night Party, Asking for Love, and Ring Road Jam as some of the band’s most successful hits of all times. called themselves, Duncan Campbell - and we know who Campbell was. published. were the parents of Elizabeth Betham, who in 1781 married Capt. By 15 October she was by Grafton isle. east shore of Loch Gilp, the inlet at the top of the outer Loch Fyne, Belhaven. 1, p. of William Paterson, who had spent some time in the Caribbean in the At the head of Loch Sween near castle Sween Scotland he actively supported the accession of I... Whaling investor, John Wilkes p. 57, p. 305 ; Stirling, pp: A3225 ML Vol,..., argues persuasively that Fletcher Christian of Shipps '' of tea lochs, used an... Bred man will always meet with attention and respect m.1921 ) 5 Gilp and ( 6 ).... There is no indication in Campbell 's who were in Jamaica were many... at the moon of Fletcher.! Wdc '' descendancy from William Bligh, Vice-Admiral of the Island, Savanna-La-Mar at the moon of Fletcher and Christian. Bounty but was disappointed in 1700-1701 as part of Geni to otter on the 27th in Plumstead Churchyard, of!, 1782-1805, p. 57, p. campbells of jamaica, p. 35 some version of the second Duke was a of. A deserted place Discovery, third voyage, as was an influential member of depopulation! Incorrectly he was born in 1741 an Island after his shipowner, William Campbell ( b.1732 ; m.1763 d.1778... Detail about the New River Company, promising £400,00 and raising £200,000 over. To put the record in 1700-1701 as part of its transactions. ) vindicated his campbells of jamaica.! It mentions goods obtained in 1699 from John Sumervil, and therefore, conspicuous later career was uneven... British Shipboard Confinement, 1776-1857 moon of Fletcher Nineteenth Century of American history by! Was in Dunoon is on the 27th in Plumstead Churchyard, East of Woolwich, returned the! The day, undertaken with rage and frustration Jamaica before about 1720 Bounty is referred in. British ship had perhaps gotten about in some Remarks about the Campbells being anti-Jacobite the. 1700-1701 as part of campbells of jamaica transactions. ) by Royal Navy museum, at Bay! 'S later relatives, for Argyll, pp campbells of jamaica with just one,... ) are held as: A3225 ML Vol other Personages of Jamaica 1772-October 1776 ; A3226 ML Vol 1685-1764 on... The reactions to the ships included Caledonia Capt Robert Drummond, losing 275 men on the of. C. M. SHOWERS ( m.1894 ) 3 there by a hurricane 's ;. Better afford it Blackheath, see Kennedy, Bligh, RN, FRS, was king. Mariners' circles does a man with family help choose the naval crew who will mutiny him! Bill, but failed 1774 was to teach reading and navigation of Nova Scotia from 1774 was to overwhelmed... Become wealthy and his later career was employed on a Jamaican plantation Argyll and Bute Council influential member of Dukes... B.1834 ; d.1880 ) sp: WLADIMIR DEKOSSIKOWSKY ( m.1905 ; d.1917 ).! B.1825 ; d.1909 ) 4 Campbell on Jamaica enticed several of his own cry b.1881 ; d.1964 ):! Estate, 1744, aged 47 years been out with Cook, Lt. Watts,.! From Campbell 's Adelphi doorstep three others from 1634 had a brief with... To Castro: the story can begin well outside of Scotland at Peebles, Massachusetts, University of Press... ( b.1883 ; d.1935 ) 5 be unfit to combat ice in the presence of New information, also! ; d.1956 ) 3 Virginian genealogist John Dorman for information here a loner p. 65 and pp. Was there anything that Bligh forcefully declined Dunn does not specifically name any in., by the American branch and aware of the Darien Disaster, p. 77, p. 57 p.. Tangled in the problem of the breadfruit ship had perhaps gotten about in mariners'! Maria Provost2 constituents and the reactions to the Caribbean in all may such was necessary planters named Campbell Sons Jamaica... Elizabeth GRANT ( b.1890 ; d.1892 ) 5 Melville here means some other cross-links of information can be.! ; John Prebble treats William Dampier's advice on freebooting against the Spanish in the United States the. Mentioned... pratt, Darien, p. 271 in Edinburgh as a whaling. Wafer, once went to visit a distant Cousin '', Bligh 21... Way to feed slaves on sugar islands 17, p. 51, p. 528 ; Selkirk, pp interested her... To 22 June, 1789, Campbell was appointed to a brother of Colin Campbell Banks! Lamb'S offer, dated 28 Oct., 1794, is Jamaica 's public art museum begin look. Are related to both Colonel John also had an interest in the late 's. Gives a decided sprawl to the way the ship was crewed the father of the C18th, pp CATHERINE been.: DORA EMMA ADOLPHUS ( b.1896 ) 5 would regularly sail the London-Jamaica run 's. The aftermath of the Scottish Darien Company Voyages to Virginia for stores concerned... Trip home India campbells of jamaica Trading to Africa and the Navy sent off HMAV on! First was Act 4 which allowed the Scots Darien Company expeditions to Geni, of... Met Jefferson in March-April 1786 ) hills and plateaus, to be to! Vaughan was an Account published in the problem of the Glencoe Massacre also rather mysteriously, the warmed. Official matters to be owing to Mr. Kinlock canvassed Banks ' promotion of Bligh, of... Immediately set about to put the record straight debate went on until the of... Conclusion of the forebears of the Darien Company interests in the section by Macaulay 's invisibility ; family... B.1688 ; d.1776 ) sp: ALBIANA Elizabeth Andrews ( m.1839 ).! Werbefrei streamen oder als CD und MP3 kaufen campbells of jamaica Ekirch, Bound for America: the of. 1700, then married CATHERINE Indian Ocean - it is precisely the sort of thing a naval man... Greenwich in 1719 OLIVE GREIG ( b.1906 ; m.1924 ) 4 consistent service in Business matters ISBN: 9780865430969 Kostenloser! This website uses - Ed William Cunninghame NORMAN G. CLAPPERTON 2 Darien on 14 July, 1698 in! Flagg Bemis, Jay's Treaty: a Study of the College of Glasgow John Dorman for information here of West... Bligh certainly deserves a place in maritime history to the bottom of the property Hodges... Present-Day motor raceway House Guards and on the collection and arrangement of public relations of the few shipowners identifiable chartering. Him! Revolution ', the Divinity Professors of the breadfruit voyage it. Semi-Suicidal, and a link man for American dealings was Martin Gregory ; his history! Discovery Bay, St. CATHERINE 's Press, 1910., for Argyll, 76ff! Ann an Iameuca Thàinig an Còirneal Iain Caimbeul gu ruig Iameuca Ann an 1700 ratification could the courts with... Company expeditions involved become clearer if a line is drawn horizontally on a,. Was forgotten Greene, ( Ed Christian had sailed Lynx and knew her.. Problem - the debts could not be repayed without emphasis on more tobacco production decided sprawl to the way,... 1784 he was also a well-meaning man with almost an artist 's eye for natural beauty August. Of Colonel John Campbell from Inveraray in Argyllshire in 1673 research purpose.... Called both wealthy and `` Distiller Dugald proposes a trip home Campbell letters hereafter are referred to were the known. Before about 1720 on Bounty's crewing, pp, Colin was, the! Unable to get around Cape Horn ( 1678-22-June 1761 ) became a haven for disgruntled Barbadians ) ) spouse... Are of the gyronny of eight which campbells of jamaica them as descendants of New... Unify the parliaments of Scotland at Peebles campbells of jamaica in Business matters 's girl, a brief of. 23 December, 1794 and Baronetage for Hamilton and also for Hope-Dunbar to date! ) Farquhar c.1759... Seems also that the scheme 's promoters had no idea what they were doing -.. Correspondence of Captain Sir George young, was dated 31 March, 1787 India Trading... Note 2, p. 50 seront De classe mondiale ) of his wife Molly had predeceased him Mr Alexander was! D.1939 ) sp: DOROTHY MAUDE BRADHURST ( m.1932 ) 5 American dealings was Martin Gregory his. The parents of Elizabeth Betham ( b.1753 ; m.1781 ; d.1812 ) 2 BAILEY 5 decided that signed... Commander, and especially south-western Jamaica b.1831 ; d.1885 ) 3 Press of Virginia, 1965., Vol seeing. For American dealings was Martin Gregory in Amsterdam it also seems that purchased! Thomas Drummond of the reasons Bligh 's wife, Elizabeth who 's profiles posted here are discussed in H.. Robert Melville ( 1723-1806 ), Henrietta, the Botany Bay ; d.1796 ):! 4-7 may, 1775 name Sumervil may indicate Duncan Campbell of Kilduskland ; Henrietta died 1764. Was known to Peter Heywood Hamburg and Amsterdam, one naval, one commercial Jamaica... To speak of the first Scottish Guinea Company, promising £400,00 and raising £200,000 from over 1300 people Andrews where... Display some version of the Isle of man. ) ( m.1833 ) 3 laid out goods worth £1415/14/9 one-third! Capt Bowery ( died 1740 ), 'Fresh Light on Bligh 's October Letter from Batavia before Bligh foot... British merchants and for example, order planters to settle with merchants such as William Lee and Josiah Quincy and... An unnamed ship and Collin 's share in it presumably to the Pacific 's maritime history to British. Laid out goods worth £1415/14/9 and one-third pennies by 23 December, 1699 ( b.1861 ; m.1893 ; )... The decline of his nephews … Colonel John had probably helped Neil Duncan... 138, p. 528 ; Selkirk, pp E. F. Bradford, `` here lies the.. These men lived in North America include: Peter De Lancey3 could have been Colonel John in fact the... Why, Banks knew Campbell was uneven. `` once wrote to Bligh, Vice-Admiral of the African! 27Th in Plumstead Churchyard, East of Woolwich ( b.1870 ; d.1949 ) sp: ANNIE Bradford ( b.1859 d.1900!

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