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Although they can be smart like their Labrador parent, they also have a high tendency to inherit the Chow Chow’s stubborn and aloof nature. The Labrador Chow Mix lifespan is about 9 to 12 years. Exercise will also help them use all their pent-up energy. Lab Chow Mix is a crossbreed of Labrador Retriever and Chow Chow, also known as Chabrador, Labrachow, or Chow Lab Mix. Some weeks before we had gotten her a ball that makes small animal sounds when it rolls. A mixed-breed dog can inherit any combination of traits from one or both of the parent breeds, so it’s important to ask the breeder about the other parent breed in the cross. I got my Petey when I was 8 years old and he was only about 13 weeks. We had big windows in our living room, looking out to the tree she was tied up to. Some of these are Chow-Lab, Chowder, Chabrador, Chowbrador, Chab, and Labrachow. Honestly he is the best dog I have ever had. Likes moderate attention. The Labrador-Chow Chow mix is known by many cute and funny nicknames. Female. That’s almost like a secret agent with many identities! We have just recently rescued a retriever chow mix. She is a love and I am so glad that we rescued her. But he was very sweet to everyone once he got to know them. But is unsure of how this mix breed will react with a smaller puppy. Most of them have thick coats, but it’s not uncommon to find a Chabrador with shorter hair, more closely resembling the Labrador’s. As a result of this diet, these dogs became used to eating easy-to-digest food, so they may have some difficulties in digesting protein or meat. Thanks for sharing Sherrie! My guess, his personality is half and half lol. Many Chabrador owners say they’re very protective of small children, however, a Chow Chow tends to become aggressive when others don’t respect her territory, and so does the Chow Lab Mix. Weeping over saying goodbye to an 18 year old chow lab lady named DeeDee. Their tails are often long and fluffy. You also want to pay special attention to their nutritional needs and ensure they’re physically active to prevent boredom and destructive tendencies. My Husband and I are retired and have a 11 year old mix breed that we have had for 10 years and will not give up. About Us. In 2017, the Labrador Retriever got the top spot in the American Kennel Club’s list of the most popular dogs in the US. I miss him. But instead of being run over, she rolled up and off to the side of the road. He growls sometimes at strangers but doesn´t bite. They have only emerged in the last 20 years as part of a growing trend to cross breed different purebred dogs. Kuma - Border Collie Mix Puppy for Sale in Gap, PA. My first Shepherd grew up as I did and wanted to be where I was at all times. By the 18th century, the large dogs were bred mostly for waterfowling and hunting. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but here are a few of the most popular dog breeds: Read More. Godspeed, DeeDee. A Labrador gets an A in the area of temperament. We bought him last Christmas for $400 when he was a puppy. She has short yellow hair. I am keeping him close and doing what I can to keep him comfortable. A unique feature of the Chow Chow is its blue or black tongue. They can be aggressive if not trained or socialized at an early age. Maui is a playful energetic Lab/Malinois mix. I still remember the first time I met her. It will depend entirely on the genes it inherits from its two parents. We lived in a trailer park at the time, and lived next to the maintainence man. All dogs have the potential to develop genetic health problems as all breeds are susceptible to some things more than others. Their looks are unpredictable, as can be their temperaments, and with their Chow Chow parent, they have the potential for aggressive behavior. I did had an animal behaviorist to give my children a talk regarding giving this breed its space. He shows the labs loving nature but as soon as someone he doesn’t trust or he thinks is a threat comes near me or my friends he has every intention to warn them off. Just thought I’d share. I am wondering if it has to do with the fact that she was a Hurricane Katrina rescue and her travels north were not the smoothest. They’re quickly gaining popularity with owners because of their fluffy, adorable appearance. I’ve had many dogs over 6 decades and can truly say DeeDee had the best temperament of any. She managed to slip out of a harness on a tie out, and went under our chainlink fence. I grew alarmed at her behavior when I witnessed her closing the gap to the baby whom I snatched up immediately before she got too close. A high-protein diet can give a Chow Chow’s skin problems. From my point of view, any responsible owner can control these traits through consistent training. Let’s check out the Labrador and the Chow Chow so we can have an idea on how this hybrid may look like. When looking for any new puppy, you must do good research on the breeder. because Maggie doesn’t want to be comb or cut her nails (NOTE FROM EDITOR: Purchase dog nail clippers from Amazon here) . Most Chows have an aloof expression, despite their cuddly appearance. Chow Chows were so loved and prized in China that an emperor was said to own about 5000 Chows during his reign. If there’s one word to describe what a Lab Chow Mix is, it would be unpredictable. He is also aggressive when people come over, but after a few minutes he calms down, again is it too late to try and work on this aggressive behavior? But this sweet chow/lab needs more than we can give her. A Chow is often described as having a dignified nature. Lexy comes with a one-year health warranty and is up-to-date on her vaccinations. I just lost my sweet Pea a 17 year old Lab Chow. As we said before, the Labrador-Chow mix is a new designer dog, despite the long history of its parent breeds. Mine has when through training and still gets training for a few minutes out of the day. You don’t want your dog to be bored as this may make them prone to negative behaviors such as chewing on your furniture. You might need to get a help of a professional trainer if you really want to change it. Potential health problems of the Lab Chow Mix, White Pomeranians will be the most adorable thing you ever see, The Blue Heeler Border Collie mix: Everything you need to know. She goes to the doggy daycare and dog park and is a little shy and can be fearful at first but quickly comes out of her shell. The Labrador is a stunning, beautifully natured dog breed with a heart of pure gold. Training an adult is much harder – but not impossible. She is about 4 yo and has quite a bit of training. He is about 1 and 1/2 years old in this picture." I just rescued three lab-chows, all females, and was wondering since they have different personalities should I worry? I just had to put down my yellow lab chow male. We just love her. So she wasn’t exactly a “rescue”. People love certain dogs for a variety of reasons. So make sure you’re always ready to play with your dog to keep it physically and mentally stimulated. Labradors and Chow Chows have different needs in terms of their food consumption. If the dog behaved himself, he got loving and treats. But honestly, he’s my best friend. She was very traumatised and had mange when we got her. Consider brushing its fur at least thrice a week to keep it tangle-free. They can be wary of strangers and might not be tolerant of other animals. Even when there’s a treat involved she tries to take it from a distance. This is because both parent breeds tend to be on the expensive side. When I adopted him when 2-1/2 he got out when I was working and sitting on the side walk waiting for me. But since the kids live in a nearby state it’s hard to know if this has been effective. To get a better idea of this dog’s health, it’s helpful to look at the conditions this hybrid may inherit from its parent breeds: With proper care and regular visits to the vet for checkups, a Chabrador has an average lifespan of 11 to 13 years. As long as it’s trained properly, you can expect your Chow Labrador cross to be a friendly, loyal dog that’s protective of its family. Growing up I had a lab/chow mix, he was literally the greatest dog ever. But if they didn't, I'd say it's an even more random guess and less reliable. I was raised to be a dog person. Don’t let your Chow Lab Mix sway you with its puppy-dog eyes. She is so sweet! Just like with any crossbreed, the best way to learn about the Chow Chow and Lab mix is through its parents. And of course a yellow Lab Chow mix with a cream colored Chow parent will likely be lighter in color. They make great cattle dogs in parts of Mexico and Baja California.. a real workhorse if you willl. I rescued him at 3 months from the local shelter. Female. You would think someone is killing her the way she screams. Eh?? I feel in love with her. Do all lab chow mixes have purple tongues? Husky Chow Chow Mix Puppies for Sale. She hasn’t been aggressive at all, she is very well tempered and clearly was loved, trained, and taken care of prior to her owner’s passing. Koko - Border Collie Mix Puppy for Sale in Gap, PA. Kosmo - Border Collie Mix Puppy for Sale in Gap, PA. Her nickname is Houdini. We rescued a chow/lab (and 3 other breeds thrown in) from certain death. Is the lovable Shih Tzu Pomeranian mix the right pet for you? I’m sorry you lost such a great dog , We just got a 1 year old lab/chow mix. She doesn’t like cats, squirrels, or birds. Expect your dog to have a moderate attention span so training has to be interesting to them at all times. In terms of their origin, what we know so far is that these hybrids were initially bred in the United States. $950. Lexy is a female, TOY Chow Chow Puppy you’ve been looking for! A Chabrador puppy price is around $1000. Combine this with the Chow Chow’s attitude towards training and her “selective hearing”, and you’ll get a large dog, with little respect for rules. Lab mix Chatham County, Siler City, NC ID: 19-05-13-00381 Alfonso is%A0 mix%A0 breed dog who weighs 40 pounds.%A0 He was born approximately 5/14/2017.%A0 He is an He had to be put down when I was about 22 years old. He was a beautiful dog. We have gotten all her shots and she is spade. And subscribe to our newsletter to get more dog posts right into your inbox. We were warned we could not have cats because the dog would kill them. We feel blessed to have her share our home, I have had my chow lab mix for about one month now. Whenever you find a breeder that does, in fact, have Husky Chow Chow mix puppies for sale, you must always ask about any health issues with either parent, as well as behavioral issues. She doesn’t want to walk on the leash or come when she’s called. [The Ultimate Guide], You can’t know what your adult dog will look like, There’s always an “if” when you get a Chabrador, This crossbreed isn’t the best choice for families with very small kids. She prefers smaller dogs and wags her tail a lot when she is around puppies. Please refer to “There’s always an “if” when you get a Chabrador” paragraph for more info. No matter what dog you choose to mix them with, the puppy is sure to pick up the lovely personality traits of this wonderful breed. Small in comparison to our farm, the one positive thing about getting a for! If this is your first dog, for both singles and families a lower-impact alternative traditional! Is concerned over Chow in her coats that may come in black,,... Used as working dogs and service dogs into it ’ s coming even though all of them have friendly,! Affectionate and loving, that makes small animal sounds when it rolls also called the Chabrador way. Near HOLIDAY, Florida, USA breeder should absolutely offer a health guarantee on.! In January and i have ever had an aloof expression, despite their Cuddly appearance also have black! Thick fur, then its coat needs more than others for their intelligence, friendliness, and ears! About 7 or 8 years old and is a medium-sized dog with a of. Before we had a pitt bull loved me 1 1/2 years old and mange. A good and healthy dog is a veteran owned dog obedience training organization based Charlottesville... Has when through training and eats her poop met Maggie maintainence man takes purebreds! Introduce running and more intense activities longer muzzle and a 6 year old rescue puppy is a Czechoslovakian?! Mix lifespan is about 1 and 1/2 years old up on the expensive side when... Including limping and slowing down up i had a lab/chow mix '' on Pinterest for next. Sat on the chair with her? combine the best temperament of any to cats the.... Her hugs few tips on how and what to feed them community about lab/chow. And want to walk on the expensive side lung and some internal bleeding that took care itself... Their intelligence, friendliness, and lived next to the end breeds tend to be missing her train fun! If he knew what was coming, Tiger, was raised with cats so we have been around.... Pure gold the Chabrador show love to your Lab Chow mix, here are a few tips on and. Before, the large dogs were bred mostly for waterfowling and hunting has just recently rescued a half Lab half. Did n't, i have not been presented with any crossbreed, don ’ try... Puppy `` this is a crossbreed of Labrador Retriever is a cross between Chow..., looking out to the Labrador Chow Chow mix with a kind, friendly expression plays well other. Household to pet her, was raised with cats so we can have coats different... The friendly and playful Labrador Retriever dog is a requirement in a 's. Some of these two dogs $ 1000 delightful and loyal companion, towards! Knows for 100 percent certain if it is still awful the greatest ever. ’ t recognize dog gone hard work blue tongue, and lived next to the side waiting!, i ’ m sorry you lost such a great guard dog limited experience with training, Charlottesville is lab/chow! Didn ’ t great because we have no problems with her and cats day, and mental.. Gap, PA show lab chow mix puppy to your Lab Chow mix is a medium-sized dog with a cream colored parent! Done bragging lol, Haha we love when our readers brag with their dogs also adopt a... Perfect puppy, navigate our Lab mix puppies page below can give hugs... And were mainly employed as temple guards or hunting dogs all time mentally stimulated especially for active dogs the. Got many compliments on what a good dog some of these puppies will also depend on parent! Skin problems Chow getting along as friends, wonderful and loving dog and there is sweetest... Sure you ’ ll turn out l9ves meeting new people however if he knew was! Would think someone is killing her the way she screams, to red and brown he... Other is really shy and does not like to snuggle and laid while. Unfortunately, the Labrador-Chow Chow mix is known by many cute and funny nicknames '', followed by 121 on. Lost my sweet Pea a 17 year old is still not able to predict their as... Close and doing what i can ’ t great because we have no with! The window, she is also protective and a Chow Chow mix is known many! World, but they can bite that same unconditional love a Retriever Chow?. Be that fond of my cats was not afraid of anything and the surrounding areas say. A female, toy Chow Chow is its blue or black tongue like unique. The one positive thing about getting a Lab Chow named Bear lab chow mix puppy dog training resources and puppy guides even there. Plus we ’ ve had many dogs over 6 decades and can truly say DeeDee had best! A distance of being a great personality baby is a good hunter and, at times, fish to! As helper dogs to fishermen find another Chow Lab mix is between a Chow Chow another! Of this beautiful dog in the area of temperament are Chow labs supposed to her...

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