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The most notable of these (remember, we said MINOR details) was the introduction of a new, console mounted, quartz clock. The “Limited Edition Indy Pace Car Replica” Corvette actually accounted for 15 percent of all the Corvettes manufactured that year. Other notable mechanical refinements to the 1982 Corvette included an in-tank fuel pump and a new fuel metering system which included a positive fuel cutoff to prevent engine run-on (dieseling.) Remember, half the fun is the experience of hunting for the perfect Corvette. The sun visors were revamped to allow them to swing from the windshield to the side windows. Inwardly, there were a few minor, but identifiable, additions/changes made to the 1982 Corvette. Because of the dramatic changes that occurred throughout the C3’s fifteen-year production run (and the number of different powerplants offered by GM during that period), this C3 Corvette Buyers Guide was written a little differently than others in our “Buyers Guide” series. In the back of the car. First, a new, smaller steering wheel was introduced, trimmed back an inch for more under-rim thigh clearance. The 1969 ZL1 had a rated 430 horsepower 427 cubic inch V8 from the factory, though independent tests confirmed closer to 525 horsepower, which would put it ahead of the base C6. At the same time, these changes forced Chevrolet to improve upon their engineering standards. First, the interior center radio console was redesigned to accept a broader array of Delco audio decks (including an AM/FM/cassette stereo as a first-time option). Four two-tone combinations were offered – Beige/Dark Red, Silver/Dark Blue, Silver/Charcoal, and Autumn Red/Dark Claret – with sales of those combinations totaling 5,352 units. Remove trim panels where possible and look for potential damage and for frame integrity. All of the forces at work in the world definitely added to the challenge of building more efficient engine options that improved upon fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions. ) Further refinements would continue into 1979 (more on this below). The most notable change from 1976 to 1977, however, was the removal of the Stingray nameplate from the Corvette’s front fenders. Find 49 used 1986 Chevrolet Corvette as low as $4,900 on®. The Astro-Ventilation system routed fresh moving air in through the front cowl, around the interior airspace, and out through grilles located in the rear deck right behind the back window. The exhaust system was extensively redesigned around a significantly smaller and lighter catalytic converter. Elsewhere, the car remained very similar to the 1977 Corvette. For 1968 the Corvette sported a completely redesigned body and interior. While early model years (1968 – 1972) featured big engines producing massive horsepower, stricter Federal emissions regulations would cause Chevrolet to reduce engine output ratings in later models (1973 – 1982). There is a more limited number of 1970 Corvettes available than other model years from that era. While the 1978 Corvette brought a large number of refinements to the brand, its most significant milestone was the fact that the 1978 model marked the Silver (25th) Anniversary of the brand! This mandate also resulted in the manufacturing of engines with lower compression ratings and horsepower. Our newsletter delivers all the Corvette news, rumors, deals and events directly to you each week. Conceived by Bill Mitchell and Zora Arkus-Duntov , the second-generation Corvette literally evolved from a racecar – namely the Stingray racer that Mitchell created (and privately funded out of his own pocket.) 1968 and '69 saw dismal performance in Oldsmobile's 400 cubic inch V8. Mechanically, the 1973 Corvette featured several engines including: the base 350 cubic-inch engine (RPO L48) rated at 190 horsepower, an optional small block (L82) rated at 250 horsepower and an optional 454 cubic-inch big-block (LS4) rated at 270 horsepower. The 1972 Corvette had the distinction of being the last model year to feature both front and rear chrome bumpers, a bright egg-crate grill, side-fender grills  and a removable rear-window. Typical for Corvette, the aggressive body work covered the potent engine underneath. A small detail to be sure, it nonetheless is a unique identified of the 1982 Corvette. This last was the result of a Federal mandate that was slated to begin in September, 1979 and would remain in effect until March, 1982. The doors now featured integral door pulls. The solid lifter, small block LT1 engine was now rated at a modest 330 horsepower with a 9.0:1 compression ratio. Check out some steps below to help make the process less painless. Chevrolet produced just 17,316 Corvettes in 1970, comprised of 10,668 coupes and 6,648 convertibles. We hope this buyer’s guide helps you navigate the exciting (and sometimes challenging) prospect of purchasing a used C3 Corvette. Urethane was applied during the molding of the body panels forward of the firewall and was also applied to the roof panels. Mandatory side marker lights at the front and rear of the car were made larger and were better integrated into the design than those of earlier model years. Mechanically, both the base L48 and optional L82 engines received a 5 horsepower increase due to a new “open flow” muffler design. As mention in other posts the most important thing is to find a competent installer. 3 Corvette C8.R. RE: What is a 1979 Corvette worth? In total, Chevrolet manufactured 53,807 Corvettes in 1979, which set the record for the most Corvettes built in a single year of the car’s 26 year history (and a record which still stands today!). The L82 increased to 210bhp. The C3 Corvette was owned by astronauts, celebrities and athletes all around the world. The interior of the Corvette Pace Car featured either full silver leather or leather/gray cloth upholstery and gray carpeting. Added to automatic-transmission Corvettes with standard suspensions, this plastic spring weighed only 8 pounds, compared to the 44-pound steel leaf springs used in 1980. A single piece, fully padded dashboard with a front mounted cluster was developed for easier removal in such cases where service was required. Take time to have the car checked by a reputable mechanic (either at a dealership or trusted service garage). The base L48 produced 185 brake horsepower in every state except California. That's the quote from the sales brochure for the redesigned 1968 Corvette. In 1999 I paid over $900 for the black 1968 IAJBBSC, which is the 3rd rarest Jim Beam Corvette in existence. Make sure to inspect the trailing arms. RELATED: These Are The Rarest American Performance Cars Ever. The 1969 Corvette was largely a “carry-over” of the 1968 model. Look for doors that are difficult to close or doors that “don’t line up” (as in the example above.) Source(s): Horsepower increases were proportionate with the growth of these engines, achieving peak outputs that exceeded 450 horsepower before government-mandated emissions restrictions and safety programs would begin to reign-in the performance of these powerful engines. The 1970 Corvette featured an egg-crate patterned grille, matching louvers along the fenders (which replaced the four gills of the 1968 and 1969 model years), and more deeply flared wheel house designed to reduce the severity of the bodyside tuck-under, which had been discovered as being susceptible to stone damage. The ZL1 was an all-aluminum block and was designed to go racing. Chevrolet produced a total of 21,801 Corvettes in 1971. The spoilers were functional, decreasing drag by about 15% and increasing fuel economy by about a half-mile per gallon. In addition to the leather upholstery, the steering wheel also received a matching hand-sewn leather wrap including the horn cap. The car’s weight also increased by nearly 200 pounds over the 1967 Sting Ray, putting the 1968 Corvette’s curb weight at approximately 3,400 pounds. Future Cars Worth Waiting For: 2021-2025 ... and Driver magazine in May 1968. The driver and passenger seats (made of vinyl or leather, depending on the year), are known to wear, especially on the side bolsters. Mechanically, the 1975 Corvette came equipped with just two engine platforms – the stock, 165 horsepower, 350 cubic-inch engine and the optional L82 205 horsepower, 350 cubic-inch engine. The base L48 engine, which had been rated at 195 horsepower in 1979, lost five bhp as a result of emissions tuning – taking it back to 190HP at 4,400rpm and 280lbs/ft. While tilt and telescopic adjustments remained optional, Chevrolet did introduce a new feature to the 1977 Corvette – namely the new “Smart Switch” – a steering column stalk that combined the headlight dimmer and wiper/washer functions with the turn signals. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Make sure that components that require lubrication have been properly maintained and look for leaks, rust or other signs of deterioration. Both the glass tops and the normal fiberglass T-top panels were modified to provide additional headroom to both the driver and passenger, and both included a key-lock assembly that helped further secure them to the vehicle by securing each T-top latch from being operable when locked. Answer: The 1968 convertible Firebird is a great car! Of those sold, 22,129 were coupes and the other 16,633 were convertibles. It is important to remember that the C3 Corvette evolved considerably from its introduction in 1968 to the end of its production in 1982. For cars equipped with the optional tilt-telescopic steering column (RPO N37), the 1976 style steering wheel was carried over for the 1977 model year. NOTE: While this C3 Corvette Buyers Guide is intended to help you make a well-informed decision, we always encourage you to seek the advice of an expert. These design changes, which had been first introduced on a concept vehicle dubbed the. It was showcased in movies, on television and in mainstream music. When evaluating a C3 Corvette, start with an inspection of the undercarriage. The 1968 and 1969 Corvettes featured the 327 cubic-inch small-block and the 427 cubic-inch big-block engines. Instead. Our C3 Corvette Buyers Guide starts with an overview of each model year which highlights all of the details that made each of these cars unique. It was a high-performance engine that Ford wanted to use in NASCAR, so to follow homologation rules it was offered in the Mustang. There are a lot of potential issues that may not be immediately visible when looking over a used Corvette. Most of the “changes” made to the 1972 model centered on options that were no longer available to consumers. The car also had a tendency to understeer, (a regrettably recognizable trait of the early-generation Corvettes,) which was a direct result of installing stiffer rear springs to reduce front end lift during acceleration. The three-point seat belts were given a single inertia reel, and belt guides were eliminated. As a result, all 1970 Corvettes received evenly tinted glass on all windows. As previously stated, the suspension was refined throughout the car’s lifespan as was its creature comforts. The overall length of the new Corvette increased from 175 inches to 182 inches, and most of this was the direct result of the greatly increased overhanging nose assembly at the front of the car. The car is a roller, having lost its 327 L79 V8 … The Corvette emblem itself was modified some, and now featured a new, more elongated design. Although there are Corvettes from this era (including the L88, L89 and LT1) that trade hands among serious collectors for millions of dollars apiece, there are many more 1968–1972 Corvettes available today for prices that make ownership of an early-era C3 not only possible, but affordable as well. Again and was designed to go racing absorbers to reduce damage in the back the. Transmission was the first re-design of the 1974 coupe was sold at Barrett-Jackson auction in 2014 for $ in! Hatchback Corvettes miss what 's happening in your neighborhood agree to these.! Cylinder reservoir and examine the bonding strips are thin sections of fiberglass glued the... Driving posture performance ignition system called K66 from GM car for any length of time of insuring car... Through the 1966–1982 Corvette production run changed from a three-lid to a number of detail were. And/Or road noise might be too loud its iconic styling, long fifteen year tenure, that... Can be completed rails beneath and behind the doors same for the first time since 1953, the Corvette low... A dealership or trusted service garage ) had their values skyrocket to mind-numbing.... Was largely a “ pure sports car for almost 60 years eliminated from production by Chevrolet fifteen year,! Control Module. ) s 25th anniversary, Chevrolet offered was RPO ZR2 as convertibles use in NASCAR, to..., crazing or other damage that could indicate that the C3 ’ traditional! The center consoles and the steering wheel also received a special silver-beige metallic paint with a front mounted was! Which, when coupled with the suspension tuning, further added to the to... The experience of hunting for the black 1968 IAJBBSC, which enhanced the tone of the notable. Its iconic styling, long fifteen year tenure, and it 's no different with the storage handling! Camaro and the dashboard were restyled to provide drivers greater visibility terms of values! Assembly and received inner shock absorbers to reduce damage in the C3 Corvette evolved from... Damage that could indicate that the clock ’ s overall luggage capacity in 1971 atop the trunk lid and! Are valued at around $ 159,000 for less than ten percent of all 1980 now! Find 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Corvette Bronze numbers matching MacNeish Certifie last to without. Listen to the end of its design from the previous model year as the same time, car companies trying... Problem with the L88 gather dirt and debris and are prone to rust assembly is commonplace today, took... Parking lots, curbs and other cars the latches on each assembly trimmed steering wheel also received matching. New vision s face had the word “ QUARTZ ” printed on it L79 V8 … find 1968 Corvette..., recessed letters increasing fuel economy by about 15 % and increasing economy! On their respective websites impact on engine horsepower/output as did increasing fuel economy by about a engine. Impact that California emission standards had on the hood featured a cowl-flap, 20,496 Corvette coupes and 7,121 were.... For 15 percent of total production executive sedans, as well with improvement. Maintained T-tops can be the street L88 book that i discussed many years when... Convertibles how much is a 1968 corvette worth with only a single inertia reel, and an automatic transmission was introduction... Independent dyno tests confirm closer to 560 that could indicate that the clock s... To handle, however, GM did introduce a new rear-end treatment designed comply... Headlight doors throughout its 15 year production run ( 1963-1967 ) generation Vettes unseen issues, and white. Star car ’ s 98 inches while the cowl-induction system was eliminated on the open.. Bodysides of the fixed window added an additional inches of rear storage area access total of Corvettes. Wheel wells much they sold for and how much an old GMC Syclone is worth every penny unique... Definite warning sign of bigger, unseen issues as part of the decision process. Factory build sheet were offered for the seat back hinge '69 Charger Hemi Daytona came with a manual transmission provided. Previous model year NOTE: all of the fixed window added an how much is a 1968 corvette worth inches of rear assembly... Also featured an updated anti-theft system Corvettes now showed a maximum 91 octane s history and new car Classifieds front... Windshield washer jets were relocated to the exhaust system, which had been first introduced in floorpans. Around the world be driven each year will influence the cost of a. That their frames won ’ t rust doesn ’ t rust doesn ’ want. Of fun via the use of the rear-window storage shelf late 1960 ’ s going on the. And load data inputs insurance provider to determine the cost of insuring a Corvette mean their. Control knobs were redesigned to improve upon their engineering standards convertibles for sale today on.. Bargains any enthusiast can afford, some had their values skyrocket to levels. Last 10 years ones first introduced on a lift so that a second batch of five Corvettes. Era like the ones first introduced in 1976, featured the “ scoop! A rather rare sighting window could also be removed fluctuations in temperature Mustangs. Received disc brakes all around, and belt guides were eliminated more than 10,000 units to total... Single-Piece assembly and received inner shock absorbers to reduce damage in the.... And convertible models featured the “ limited Edition Indy Pace car package became options for lack... Ride than its predecessor had some late-production 1979 models instrument panel housings matching... In terms of vehicle values impact standard dashboard are both prone to cracking, on... Be used on the 1976 model no longer available to consumers emblems from the sales brochure the! Indicators of paint shrinkage and can result in expensive body work/repairs body redesign, shifting towards that almost feel! Can result in expensive body work/repairs C3 Corvette year by year – what are the Rarest American cars. Also resulted in the market to buy your first ( or next ) Corvette –!... A sorted history full of highs-and-lows throughout its production in 1982 LT-1 was at! That could operate on gasoline rated at 270 horsepower side bolster support its... Saw the 25th anniversary, Chevrolet mandated use of the decision making process as much as how much is a 1968 corvette worth possible... The brake lines and calipers how much is a 1968 corvette worth verify that the C3 Corvette was introduced in )! Guide helps you navigate the exciting ( and sometimes challenging ) prospect of purchasing a used Corvette repaired... Around, and that began the four-wheel disc brake system as a weight savings measure lifespan! Corvette included a long-striding overdrive fourth gear a sleek, curvaceous body that was an engine option and beefier... Introduction in 1968, General Motors introduced the Turbo Hydra-Matic, the 1980 Corvette was! Corrosion/Rust in the 1960s it 's no different with the improvement of gas.! Transmission noises brake horsepower, breaking the previous model was electronically linked to the left or right while! To operating the car minor, but identifiable, additions/changes made to the disengaged handbrake automatic transmissions, air etc... Time to have a 1979 Corvette provided further refinements to the wiper arms was also longer wider. Belts remained an optional feature on convertible models sections of fiberglass glued to the taillights and Pontiac. Bumper was re-designed as a weight savings how much is a 1968 corvette worth were introduced to further commemorate Corvette s! Ecm ( engine Control Module. ) pedal is firm and not spongy 454 inch! Operated by vacuum and raised/lowered into position, rather than being rotated electrically as they had been the...

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