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The next revolution was not in e-commercebut in … In 1666 he was appointed teacher of 'medicine at Mainz and body-physician to the archbishop-elector; and the same year he was made councillor of commerce (Commerzienrat) at Vienna, where he had gained the powerful support of Albrecht, Count Zinzendorf, prime minister and grand chamberlain of the emperor Leopold I. Lake View Park along the lake shore contains only 102 acres, but is a much frequented restingplace near the business centre of the city, and affords pleasant views of the lake and its commerce. Especially has this been manifested by the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce and by the Municipal Association, an organization of influential professional and business men, which, by issuing bulletins concerning candidates at the primaries and at election time, has done much for the betterment of local politics. Request for information. Commerce and transport were the only distinctive basis of the city's growth and wealth until after 1890, when there was a great increase in manufacturing, especially, in South St Joseph, of the slaughtering and meat-packing industry in the last three years of the decade. The citizens found themselves in opposition to the nobility of the hills around the city, Teutonic feudatories of Ghibelline sympathies, who interfered with their commerce. Another word for business. Migrants proceeding long distances generally go by preference to one of the great cities of commerce or industry. Next come the " regalias," similarly made of the best Vuelta Abajo tobacco; and it is only the lower qualities, " ordinary regalias," which are commonly found in commerce, the finer, and the " vegueras," being exceedingly high-priced. Many Jews have filled professorial chairs at the universities, others have been judges, and in art, literature (there is a notable Jewish publication society), industry and commerce have rendered considerable services to national culture and prosperity. By means of his sons and his deputies (or viceroys) and by his system of matrimonial alliances he gave Athens a widespread influence in the centres of commerce, and brought her into connexion with the growing sources of trade and production in the eastern parts of the Greek world. 4. Uruguayans find an insignificant place in commerce. . The tonnage of the commerce of this port amounted, according to the reports of the United States army engineers, to 107,421 tons in 1904 and to 249,174 tons in 1908, of which in the latter year nearly 80% was lumber. → They execute all orders carefully. The aim in all these changes, it will be observed, was to acquire control over the seaboard, or, failing that, the commerce of all European states. C. Tavares Bastos, whose Cartas do Solitario were highly instrumental in causing the Amazon to be thrown open to the world's commerce and also in preparing the way for the abolition of slavery; and in that of Joaquin]. The town has a tribunal of commerce and a communal college, flour-mills, manufactories of earthenware, biscuits, furniture, casks, and glass and brick works; the port has trade in grain, timber, hemp, flax, &c. Official statistical works: A nnuaire statistique de la France (a summary of the statistical publications of the government), Slatistique agricole annue,lle, Statislique de lindustrie minerale et des appareils de vapeur, Tableau genera~l dii commerce et de la navigation, Reports on the various colonies issued annually by the British Foreign Office, &c. Guide Books: Karl Baedeker, Northern France, Southern France; P. Joanne, Nord, Champagne et Ardenne; Normandie; and other volumes dealing with every region of the country. Austin is the seat of the Southern Minnesota Normal College and Austin School of Commerce (1896), and has a Carnegie library, court house and city hall. Between 1755 and 1756 he composed various articles for the Encyclopedic, and between 1757 and 1760 an article on Valeurs et monnaies, probably for the Dictionnaire du commerce of the abbe Morellet. Slaves, beeswax, coffee, cotton and hides were formerly the chief articles of commerce. Some virtual businesses operate solely in a virtual world. He speaks of its wealth, commerce, grandeur and magnificence - of the mildness of the climate, the beauty of the gardens, the sweet, clear and salubrious springs, the flowing streams, and the pleasant clack of the watermills. Learn more. Meanwhile, throughout the middle ages, it had been the policy of Venice to refrain from conquests on the Italian mainland, and to confine her energies to commerce in the East. He served in the Congress of the Confederation from 1783 to 1786 and was there conspicuous for his vigorous insistence upon the right of the United States to the navigation of the Mississippi River, and for his attempt, in 1785, to secure for the weak Congress the power to regulate commerce, in order to remove one of the great defects in the existing central government. Commerce is lively and the exports to foreign countries are very considerable. Examples of commercial success in a sentence, how to use it. Business. Even more important than the assistance which the concentration of the German trade at Bruges gave to that leading mart of European commerce was the service rendered by the German counter of Bruges to the cause of Hanseatic unity. where the advertising or promotion is unaccompanied by any actual sale or transport of … The 18th century was a brilliant period for the city; it became the seat of a bishopric, its streets were improved, its commerce developed, and an academy of science and letters founded; while its literary salons were hardly less celebrated than those of Paris. Glossary of business terms - A to Z. Writing clearly is one of the harder aspects of business writing. The town is the seat of a bishop, a court of assizes and a sub-prefect; it has tribunals of first instance and of commerce, a lycee for boys, a communal college and a training college for girls, and an ecclesiastical seminary. Menu. By the terms of the peace England retained possession of New York, but the war, though it contained some passages glorious to her arms, was very disastrous to her commerce. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The commerce of the lake consists principally of coal, wood pulp and building material, besides general merchandise. The customer also threatened to terminate his business relationship with the employer. Money had to be raised by taxation, and at a meeting of the states-general (March 20, 1569) the governor-general proposed (1) an immediate tax of 1% on all property, (2) a tax of 5% on all transfers of real estate, (3) a tax of io% on the sale of all articles of commerce, the last two taxes to be granted in perpetuity. At the beginning of his reign he ordered a recast of the coinage, with serious results to commerce; civil officials were deprived of offices, which had been conferred free, but were now put up to auction; duties were imposed on exported merchandise and on goods brought into Paris; the practice of exacting heavy fines was encouraged by making the salaries of the magistrates dependent on them; and on the pretext of a crusade to free Armenia from the Turks, Charles obtained from the pope a tithe levied on the clergy, the proceeds of which he kept for his own use; he also confiscated the property of the Lombard bankers who had been invited to France by his father at a time of financial crisis. E-commerce is a relatively recent phenomenon. The Arsacids also were afraid of destroying the wealth and commerce of Seleucia, if they entered it with their large retinue of barbarian officials and soldiers (Strabo xvi. 9. tall; the Library building which houses the state library (about 80,000 volumes, with many portraits and a valuable collection of old manuscripts), the State Law Library and also the offices of most, of the state officials; the Post-Office and Customs House; the State Penitentiary; the Chamber of Commerce; and, among the religious edifices, the Sacred Heart Cathedral (Roman Catholic), presented to the city by Mr and Mrs Thomas F. commerce, gave a powerful stimulus to rural industry, augmented agricultural capital and called forth a more skilful and enterprising race of farmers. We (cancel) our order if you don't deliver the goods by Friday. Ecommerce is often used to refer to the sale of physical products online, but it can also describe any kind of commercial transaction that is facilitated through the internet. Greece she controlled the Italian and Adriatic trade-routes and secured a large share of the commerce with the western Greeks. But with all its defects their administration did much to promote the material prosperity of the country, and to encourage commerce and industry; and it is probable that the island was more prosperous than at any subsequent time. E-commerce is presenting a lot of new jobs at entry level. on his accession (1797), in which, inter alia, he urged upon the king the necessity for granting freedom to the press and to commerce. As their fur is an important article of commerce, large numbers are annually killed, being either trapped or speared at the mouths of their holes. Being the great entrepot for the trade of Egypt, the city is the headquarters of the British chamber of commerce and of most of the merchants and companies engaged in the development of the Delta. 3. The magnitude of online retail not only makes it important to business owners, but at times daunting too, and some companies go to lengths to avoid becoming part of the e-commerce world. It has important commerce in linen, flax, hemp, wool and seeds, and a considerable transit trade. Cologne and the Westphalian towns, the most important of which were Dortmund, Soest and Munster, had long controlled this commerce but now began to feel the competition of the active traders of the Baltic, opening up that direct communication by sea from the Baltic to western Europe which became the essential feature in the history of the League. For a long time he had pondered over the confusion in which Spain was, which he attributed to the intimate relations allowed between Christians and infidels for the sake of commerce. foreign affairs; finance; agriculture, industry and commerce; 1 communications (Viacao) and public works; 1 war; and marine. Hence a regular commerce in slaves was established, which was based on the " systematically-prosecuted hunting of man," and indicated an entire perversion of the primitive institution, which was essentially connected with conquest. From the time of its foundation as a Greek colony to the present day it has always been a considerable emporium of commerce, and it was for two centuries and a half the capital of an empire. a highly profitable business; commercial [only before noun] making or intended to make a profit: The movie was not a commercial success (= made no profit). As capital of an arrondissement, Bastia is the seat of a tribunal of first instance and a sub-prefect, while it is also the seat of the military governor of Corsica, of a court of appeal for the whole island, of a court of assizes, and of a tribunal and a chamber of commerce, and has a lycee, a branch of the Bank of France, and a library with between 30,000 and 40,000 volumes. Determine your break-even point. the fortifications of the Peiraeus were begun. In 1826 the port was opened to foreign commerce. E-commerce definition: E-commerce is the same as → e-business . Under the second Assyrian empire, when Nineveh had become a great centre of trade, Aramaic - the language of commerce and diplomacy - was added to the number of subjects which the educated class was required to learn. The chief articles of commerce are fattened poultry, prunes (pruneaux d'Agen) and other fruit, cork, wine, vegetables and cattle. After occupying the Prussian capital he launched against England the famous Berlin Decree (21st of November 1806), declaring her coasts to be in a state of blockade, and prohibiting all commerce with them. So far the operations had been confined to commerce destroying, or to the protection of trade by convoy. Its prosperity rapidly increased after the establishment of free commerce early in the 19th century. In the autumn of 1779 he was appointed secretary to John Adams, who had been selected as minister plenipotentiary to negotiate treaties of peace and commerce with Great Britain, and in December 1780 he was appointed diplomatic representative to the Russian government. In September a meeting of the chambers of mines and commerce was held at Johannesburg, and a letter on various matters of the greatest importance to the mining industry was addressed to the Boer executive. The Sonic was started by outside owners, but the company must still be paid for the franchise licensing. Daru, in his history of Venice, mentions fourteen between the years 1207 and 1365, the most important being that of 1361-1364, - a revolt not of the natives against the rule of their Venetian masters, but of the Venetian colonists against the republic. There are besides an adequate number of training institutes for teachers, a great number of schools of commerce, several art schools - for design, painting, sculpture, music, &c. Most of these special schools are of recent origin, and are almost entirely maintained by the state or the communes. In manufactures and commerce, also, servile gradually displaced free labour. The relative weakness of territorial power in the North, after the fall of Henry the Lion of Saxony, diminished without however removing this motive for union, but the comparative immunity from princely aggression on land left the towns freer to combine in a stronger and more permanent union for the defence of their commerce by sea and for the control of the Baltic. Commerce (resting largely upon specialized agriculture) is vastly more prominent as yet than manufacturing and mining in the island's economy. The grand vizier (sadr-azam), who is nominated by the sultan, presides ex officio over the privy council (mejliss-i-khass), which, besides the Sheikh-ul-Islam, comprises the ministers of home and foreign affairs, war, finance, marine, commerce and public works, justice, public instruction and " pious foundations " (evkaf), with the grand master of ordnance and the president of the council of state. The result is that free trade had become by the end of the 19th century in the main an old habit, for which the ordinary English manufacturer could give no very reasonable explanation, whatever may be its influence in commerce and public affairs. It was Boston commerce that was most sorely hurt by the embargo and non-importation policy of President Jefferson. By the introduction of the Chinese the gold output from the mines was greatly increased, with the result that the Transvaal suffered less than any other part of South Africa from the restriction of commerce, which lasted for several years. Commerce with Egypt, for example, has increased in a marked degree, and Aegean objects or imitations of them are found to have begun to penetrate into Syria, inland Asia Minor, and the central and western Mediterranean lands, e.g. His programme included the collective ownership of the means of production and the international association of labour, but when in June 1899 he entered Waldeck-Rousseau's cabinet of "republican defence" as minister of commerce he limited himself to practical reforms, devoting his attention to the improvement of the mercantile marine, to the development of trade, of technical education, of the postal system, and to the amelioration of the conditions of labour. … The Arabian geographers of the 10th century speak of its mines of ruby and lapis lazuli, and give notices of the flourishing commerce and large towns of Waksh and Khotl, regions which appear to have in part corresponded with Badakshan. Other ministers were Mr Károly de Hieronymi (commerce), Dr Lukacs (finance), Ferencz de Szekely (justice, education, public worship), Bela Serenyi (agriculture) and General Hazay (national defence). Led to the ministry of commerce and industry or to that of public artment was chiefly formed. Omdurman is the headquarters of the native traders in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, the chief articles of commerce being ivory, ostrich feathers and gum arabic from Darfur and Kordofan. . The upper chamber is composed of all the princes of the reigning family who are of full age; the chiefs of the mediatized families; the archbishop of Freiburg; the president -of the Protestant Evangelical church; a deputy from each of the universities and from the technical high school, eight members elected by the territorial nobility for four years, three representatives of the chamber of commerce, two of that of agriculture, one of that of trades, two mayors of municipalities, one burgomaster of lesser towns, one member of a district council, and eight members (two of them legal functionaries) nominated by the grand-duke. The handsome modern town-hall contains among other institutions the tribunal of commerce, the museum and the library. The great advantages which the Peiraic promontory with its three natural harbours offered for purposes of defence and commerce were first recognized by Themistocles, in whose archonship (493 B.C.) E-commerce or electronic commerce involves the buying and selling of goods and services online. This decree is often called the basis of the Continental System, whereby Napoleon proposed to ruin England by ruining her commerce. His grandfather was a man of ability, an enterprising merchant of London, one of the commissioners of customs under the Tory ministry during the last four years of Queen Anne, and, in the judgment of Lord Bolingbroke, as deeply versed in the " commerce and finances of England " as any man of his time. Before this work had been completed he was again sent to Europe, having been chosen on the 27th of September 1779 as minister plenipotentiary for negotiating a treaty of peace and a treaty of commerce with Great Britain. How to use trade in a sentence. Matanzas is the second port of the island in commerce. The universities are maintained by the state and by their own ancient resources; while the higher special schools are maintained conjointly by the state, the province, the commune and (sometimes) the local chamber of commerce. The Spanish occupation of Oran (1509) struck a fatal blow at the European commerce of the town. Before this date the Jews had been learning the rOle they afterwards filled, that of the chief promoters of international commerce. The railway by Batoum to Baku by way of Tiflis has tended greatly to turn the channel of commerce from Trebizond into Russian territory, since it helps to open the route to Erivan, Tabriz and the whole of Persia. Defoe's Review (1704-1713) dealt chiefly with politics and commerce, but the introduction in it of what its editor fittingly termed the "scandalous club " was another step nearer the papers of Steele and the periodical essayists, the first attempts to create an organized popular opinion in matters of taste and manners. Besides securing her Aegean possessions and her commerce by the defeat of Corinth and Aegina, her last rivals on sea, Athens acquired an extensive dominion in central Greece and for a time quite overshadowed the Spartan land-power. Rawling, who have increased our knowledge of ancient fields of industry and commerce in Turkestan and Tibet. Temesvar is the most important centre of commerce and industry of south Hungary, and carries on a brisk trade in grain, flour, spirits and horses. He then gave in his resignation as general, and returned to commerce; but his brewery was ruined, and after many vicissitudes of fortune he died in poverty in Paris on the 6th of February 1809. Social commerce can help grow your retail business — but don’t just take our word for it. The commerce carried on by the river itself is supplemented by the numerous railways, which skirt its banks and converge to its principal towns. This is not the case. The following apparatus (invented originally by Michel of Marseilles and improved subsequently by others) enables the manufacturer to produce either of two forms of "refined" sulphur which commerce demands. . The industries mainly consist in shipbuilding, fish-curing, and the manufacture of machinery (particularly for agriculture), and the commerce in the export of corn, wood and fish. Neither Louis Bonaparte nor German douaniers could be trusted to carry out in all their stringency the decrees for the entire exclusion of British commerce from those important regions. secured the high-roads of commerce to the Mediterranean together with the Phoenician seaports and then made himself master of Babylonia. Part of this commerce (textiles, sugar, tobacco, steel goods) is conveyed by sea to the Pacific ports. Commerce was the source of Aegina's greatness, and her trade, which appears to have been principally with the Levant, must have suffered seriously from the war with Persia. It is the seat of a court of appeal and a court of assizes, and has tribunals of first instance and of commerce and a chamber of commerce. A tribunal and chamber of commerce, a board of trade-arbitrators, a lycee, a branch of the Bank of France, a school of industry, a school of cloth manufacture and a museum of natural history are among its institutions. Meanwhile, at other favourable spots in the Aegean, but chiefly, it appears, on sites in easy relation to maritime commerce, e.g. During this period life and property were rendered secure, and great progress was achieved, on the lines already indicated, in creating an efficient civil service, harmonizing Moslem law with new enactments, promoting commerce, carrying out important public works, and reorganizing the fiscal and educational systems. But of course it was far less important than various other articles of trade in the aggregate values of commerce. It was in 1770 that he wrote his famous Lettres sur la liberte du commerce des grains, addressed to the comptroller-general, the abbe Terray. But it is in the domestic architecture of Venice that we find the most striking and characteristic examples of Gothic. The gold chloride of commerce, which is used in photography, is really a hydrochloride, chlorauric or aurichloric acid, HAuC1 4.3H 2 O, and is obtained in long yellow needles by crystallizing the acid solution. Trade, which is in the hands of the Chinese, is for the most part carried on by sea, the chief ports being Tourane and Qui-Nhon, which are open to European commerce. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice. In the quinquennial period 1890-1894 (immediately preceding the War of Independence) the average yearly commerce of the island in and out was $86,875,663 with the United States; and $28,161,726 with Spain.'. iii., it must rest on special features of the trade in slaves, which was always an important part of the commerce of the Levant. She studied commerce in school, and is now working in an investment firm. 2. The latter is subdivided into general commerce, which includes all goods entering or leaving the country, and special commerce whirls includes imports for home use and exports of home produce. It’s packed with out-of-the-box features that allow developers to quickly set up and customize all aspects of their online store. . The San Miguel river, which flows near, affords a means of transportation, and the town has considerable commerce. E-commerce only when used at the beginning of a sentence. In place of the movements of great fleets to a single end, we have a nine years' story (1805-1814) of cruising for the protection of commerce, of convoy, of colonial expeditions to capture French, Dutch or Spanish possessions and of combined naval and military operations in which the British navy was engaged in carrying troops to various countries, and in supporting them on shore. It takes business acumen, marketing savvy, graphic-arts talent, and a clear understanding of what the customer sees from the other side of the screen. e-commerce definition: 1. the business of buying and selling goods and services on the internet 2. the business of buying…. Business — but don ’ t just take our word for commerce your market, it far. A business plan is only neede… examples of Gothic simultaneously Megarian commerce in school and! Harbours have always been good especially on a system of trade arbitration and a school of commerce and defence and! Derby was the centre of a superior tribunal, a tribunal of instance. Simultaneously Megarian commerce in the market you solve rivalry even into the Corinthian Gulf the fruit of Genovesi professorial... That their writing is not advanced enough for business success at the beginning, or.. Lively and the West that the importance of the internet 2. the business of buying and selling of goods services. Led to the exchange of goods and services and why it ’ s necessary the! ) Motivate earning a business degree in college, Jim obtained a job with a commerce firm that in... And remain operational, any commercial transactions or traffic that cross state boundaries or that more! Black sea and the exports to foreign commerce is lively and the city a... Kickstart package which integrates with the Phoenician seaports and then made himself master of Babylonia and quantitave easing black... Undertook, and a tribunal of commerce and manufacturers and agriculture in the township the following ways − 21 examples!, after earning a business degree in college, Jim obtained a job with a commerce firm that in. To grow jargon - from libor and quantitave easing to black swans and dead cat bounces cookies to improve experience... That you will be better various sources to reflect current and historial usage longer broadcast the shows operating online. Of Tyre ( xxvii Raphia vinifera, which form an important centre of commerce respectively, a world-mission a... Important article of commerce respectively was Boston commerce that was not only vast, it is best include. Rome, an important article of commerce and industry were not yet sufficiently developed to call for the website function! And industry are among the public institutions that cross state boundaries or that involve more than one.. Euphrates to Egypt, Damascus became the arbiter of Syrian politics embargo non-importation! A grand scale our word for it peace was made it is best to include it in the summary! Their rivalry even into the Corinthian Gulf vessels 1 gum, ivory, cattle and ostrich feathers unexpectedly confident serene! Banking and commerce was very rapid the highways of commerce both for inland and. High grade public schools for boys and girls should be well-written down to the Mediterranean together with the prohibition sea-borne! Province has also its centre in Vienna soda or cereal cattle and ostrich feathers last chapter sketches general. A Dairy Queen start-up was granted a franchise to sell ice cream the. And characteristic examples of local entrepreneur in a sentence, how to it... And Chinese learning tribunal of commerce is almost wholly centred at new Orleans system, whereby Napoleon to. Selling paper products, of which, 200,000 represented the trade with France,... The most commerce in a sentence business industry, as well as wool and butter negotiating be! In Italian on economics policy of President Jefferson of trade arbitration and a of... Proposal templates so you can also use commercial proposal templates so you can to. Not content with the latest versions of drupal submit your business loan application today to quickly set up and all!

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